Clutter Control 2: Why we have so much stuff 


Organization: Hubbard Library


Time:6:30pm - 7:30pm


A night of laughs!

During Clutter Control 2 Dave Downs talks about several BIG reasons why Americans buy too much STUFF. In this program, the emphasis is on stopping the flow of stuff entering our homes! We can not resist bargains, sales, yard sales; we buy and receive gifts we do not want are just a few reasons why we consume twice as much as we did just forty years ago.

You will learn how Advertisers use many techniques such as developing shopping habits, slogans, and the use of credit, to motivate people to purchase, purchase, purchase!

Dave uses humor with amusing stories during the talk to engage as well as inform the audience. The audience is challenged to finish product jingles and slogans, many of them decades old, to demonstrate the power advertising has over our purchases!

Don't squeeze the...

See the USA in your...

What takes a licking and keeps on ticking? 

Participants will leave the program recognizing that if they are thoughtful about what and why they acquire items, they will start to reverse the tendency to bury themselves in treasures!

The comical approach to conquering your clutter.  Please register now by calling or stopping by the circulation desk. 

Building: Hubbard Library

Room: Large

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