Lending to Residents of Decertified Libraries

The Hubbard Memorial Library extends reciprocal borrowing privileges to residents of all communities meeting minimum standards for certified libraries as established by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MGL, Ch. 78, Sec. 19B) to “be open to residents of the Commonwealth”…”and lend books to other libraries in the Commonwealth and extend privileges to holders of cards issued by other public libraries in the Commonwealth on a reciprocal basis.”

Should a library become decertified, either by closure “for any reason other than the undertaking of a project to improve library services (such as construction, automation preparation or inventory) or the occurrence of a natural catastrophe (including a limited emergency closing due to illness or death)” (Mass. Board of Library Commissioners Policy, FY2004 State Aid to Public Library Programs: The Closure of a Public Library) or failing to meet the minimum standards as set by statute, the Hubbard Memorial Library will provide access to our Reading Room or Reference Room as stipulated by Mass. General Laws 605 CMR 4.01(1). No materials will be loaned either directly or indirectly via Inter-Library Loan or Network borrowing to residents of communities with a decertified library. Doing so would strain the resources provided by the town to its citizens, while at the same time subsidizing communities unwilling, or unable to support their local library.

Any public library that has received a waiver from the Board of Library Commissioners is considered to be certified. Residents of these communities will be allowed full borrowing privileges.

The Board of Trustees will agree to reinstate borrowing privileges once a library has been re-certified by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.


Approved by the Board of Trustees, April 10, 2016