ALL AGES: Eclipse Watching Party

[All ages]

Organization: Hubbard Library


Library lawn

Phone: (413)583-3408 x3




Time:Monday, 2:00pm - 4:00pm


Join us on the library lawn to watch the eclipse!

We’ll have safety glasses and pinhole viewers for everyone, along with hula hoops, bubbles, coloring pages & crafts for the kids. You'll also have the chance to help NASA with their Eclipse Soundscape Project.

The eclipse will start at 2:13PM, reach its peak at 3:28PM, and finish at 4:38. While we will be finished with our watch party at 4:00PM, you are welcome to hang out on the lawn to see it finish.

In the event of rain or clouds, we will offer live stream of the eclipse inside.



Building: Hubbard Library

Room: Library lawn

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