Fully interactive outdoor SHARKNADO MOVIE MADNESS!

[For tweens & teens only]

Organization: Hubbard Library

Phone: (413)583-340x3

Email: hubbardyouthroom@gmail.com


Time:Thursday, 1:30pm - 3:30pm


Sharknado in extreme interactive mode!

For tweens and teens only (the movie is rated PG13): one of the worst movies ever made has been turned into a movie-watching game! Somewhere between Rocky Horror Picture Show & a drinking game (but appropriate for teens), this game allows you to mock and enjoy every feature of Sharknado that makes it such an incredibly bad movie, including:

  • Shark water squirters for every time it rains despite a clear blue sky in the background
  • Sour Patch Kids to eat every time a shark kills a human
  • Shark paper airplanes to fly every time a shark literally flies through the air
  • Gummy sharks to eat every time a human kills a shark
  • Pretzels to break (& eat) every time there's "Breaking news!"
  • Specific times when you have to sing the Bill Nye the Science Guy and Baby Shark songs
  • & more!

Space is limited, registration required.

Rain date Friday 8/13 12:30pm

Building: Hubbard Library

Room: Library lawn

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