UPPER ELEMENTARY: Blind Date with a Book

[upper elementary, middle & high school]

Organization: Hubbard Library

Phone: (413)583-3408 x3

Email: hubbardyouthroom@gmail.com

Website: www.hubbardlibrayr.org


This event is repeated every 1 day(s) until 02/28/2024.


Take a chance on a mysterious wrapped book!

Looking for  "date" this February? Let us set you up with a "blind date" book!

Three ways to participate:

1.Visit the display in the Youth Room, choose based just on the description on our wrapped mystery books, check it out, then unwrap it at home & enjoy!

2. Select from an online list of descriptions by clicking here . We'll put it on hold for you, and you can pick up from the front desk.

3. Email us at hubbardyouthroom@gmail.com with your name, age, and a few words about the kind of books you like to read, and we'll pick one out for you!



Building: Hubbard Library

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